Investment Philosophy

At AFS Investments, we believe that there is no magic to generating investment returns. Many claim to have the “Black Box” to investing…whether it be some special formula or cosmic understanding, we follow a different track! Investing is the process of identifying undervalued assets, acquiring them in an efficient manner, and then monitoring the asset as long as it is owned. At some point in the relationship, the asset will be sold. Some believe in “till death do we part,” but when it comes to investment assets, we believe that is “till you stop performing do we part”.

In regard to the assets we invest in, we focus on publicly traded securities. These can be common stocks, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds, or bonds. We utilized the research capabilities of institutional partners to help identify companies with strong business models, management and balance sheets, and then focus on the securities issued by those companies. If a company ever looses its edge and doesn’t fit our growth expectations, its stock or bond comes under review. We also utilize certain technical tools that help chart the progress of a company’s stock which is a great indicator of how the company is functioning. With the efficiencies in the stock market, stock prices are quick to pick up positive or negative events. Sometimes, the stock market is over efficient, and prices stocks well below or above their true value. This is where opportunity lies and this is where AFS Investments does its daily mining.