Corporate Services

AFS Investments offers investment advice for Sponsors and Participants of Qualified Profit Sharing and 401(k) Retirement Plans.  

With the help of AFS Investments and local Third Party Plan Administrators (TPAs), Sponsors (generally the business owners) start out by designing a Retirement Plan platform that fits their company’s specific needs.  Whether it be a Pooled Account Profit Sharing, a Self Directed 401(k) or a combination of the two, this is what sets the base for all future dealings in the Plan.  Once the base is set, and contributions are made to the Plan via Employee salary deferrals and/or company contributions, Participants can turn to AFS Investments for individual investment advice.

What is unique about the Plans assisted by AFS Investments, is that open architecture brokerage accounts are used for the custodianship of the assets.  Plan Sponsors and/or Plan Participants can create their own investment portfolios through the use of mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), individual stocks, or corporate bonds. For those that like to “do it themselves” with the flexibility of using almost any type of security available, this is the perfect platform!  For those Sponsors and/or Participants that would rather leave the investment decisions to the experts, AFS Investments steps in and manages the account based on your pre-arranged parameters.

401(k) Profit Sharing Plans serviced by AFS Investments consist of three main areas:


  • Real time access to a local Plan Administrators which allows the sponsor (business owner) direct contact with the person responsible for designing, monitoring, and most importantly filing tax documents for the plan


  • Access to a financial institution that allows countless investment choices versus  standard 401(k) plans

Investment Decisions and Advice

  • Provides the sponsor and the participants (employees) actual investment advice that is specific to their needs