Portfolio Monitoring

AFS Investments offers Monitoring Services to Individuals and Businesses for their investment accounts.

These services include daily monitoring of account balances, transactions and performance which is then reported to the client.

Monitoring is a vitally important aspect of any successful investment program in that it allows the investor timely information to make investment decisions.

Performance Monitoring is a vital part of any successful investment program. In today’s rapidly changing economic environment combined with technology that provides instant feedback, investors can no longer just “set it and forget it” when it comes to their investment accounts. They need to constantly be comparing performance, checking allocations, and revisiting strategies to make sure they are current and relevant.

AFS Investments Portfolio Monitoring Services does just that.

Investors accounts are registered with the platform to allow daily downloads of all transactions and account balances. From that data, proprietary software is utilized to run many different reports from which progress can be graded and comparisons can be made.  With this information, the investor can make educated decisions in regard to the account, and be tactical in their approach rather than passive.

Clients of AFS Investments Portfolio Monitoring Service don’t necessarily have to be utilizing AFS Investments investment strategies.