On your WordPress toolbar when you are editing a page in VISUAL mode, you highlight your text, then select the “Paragraph” style that you want to assign to the text. (click on the dropdown bar where you see “Paragraph” in the second row, far right, on editing your toobar.

To add a style in your WIDGET, You can find the html code by viewing this page on TEXT tab (rather than VISUAL tab).

This is paragraph style.

heading 1

heading 2

heading 3

heading 4

heading 5
heading 6

You can add a new color to your heading style… after you select the heading style, then highlight the text, and choose a color from your toolbar.

h3 heading style with red color applied

This is the h3 style, in a blue color code: #3366ff

This is blockquote style. To make a blockquote on your page, insert this tag in HTML editing mode : <blockquote> before your text. Then add the closing tag at the end of your quote: </blockquote>.

This is a list:

  • First item in your list.
  • To make this list go to VISUAL editing mode.
  • Highlight your text you want in the list.
  • Click on the editing toolbar – the icon with 3 little bullets/dots, 4th icon from left on top

Use this html code to make a blue button link (just change the hyperlink and button text… by editing in TEXT mode (not VISUAL editing). Then copy paste the html code to your widget, or to a page/post in TEXT editing screen.

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